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Rhythmical Poe

Digital Illustration by C. Reilley for the Bytesized Studios "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words." - Edgar Allan Poe ----- When my daughter brought home a grungy, leathered, tattooed biker for Sunday dinner, it only took moments to reveal the poet within.  In the light of her hope all my wounds heal, so throw me a rope and roll me your wheel, I pray to God that she may lie forever with unopened eye to the lies that honeyed words conceal. Only love is real. Poetry swaggers back and forth, drifting on air, tugging at souls with words that bend, and stretch, tumbling into verse. Straddling the giants of Thought and Emotion, poets have a unique view of the affairs of their fellows, at the cost of their very self.  How the seductive words of the lingual wrestler twists each heart string of the drooping muse. Self reflection is poetic wisdom but my past doesn't define me, it merely gave me the blueprints to refine me, set me on my course straight and true, spe

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