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Everything is dependent on something else,
which is dependent on many others, many times
out of our control from the first step.
History repeats, and it also rhymes.

Maybe we can clean up our government, maybe not.
Maybe we will like what we get after the fact, it’s rare but real.
You get what you get despite getting upset.
We will likely end up on the smaller end of the deal

We want what we want without knowing what we have,
or how we can turn may-be into will-be.
We demand to drain the swamp, rid ourselves of rot,
meanwhile daily setting more alligators free.

Maybe having Big Daddy Orange Swamp feeder
be the one to direct the drainage of our political bog
is kind of a big "fox in the henhouse" type of gamble.
Leaving our future left to ripen under a mossy log.

Maybe we don't want to live under a dictatorship.
Maybe we want women and black and brown and yellow and red
and gay and other and weird and unique to be part of America.
Maybe we refuse to be ruled, instea…

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