Tonight is a Comma in our Love Letter

Since the moment that I found you,
the moment my life began at day one,
I’ve become something more than what I could do
before you made me want to be that person.

Every thing that I have ever said that was right,
every shimmering moment of mutual fun -
is expressed in a love letter it takes a lifetime to write,
to tell you most certainly that you are the one.

My hunger for you knows my limits and my taste.
My respect for you knows no limits or age.
In your arms my thoughts run away from the chaste,
my soul spills over onto love’s life-long page.

But tonight I sleep wrapped alone in my dreams;
distance bringing you nearer to my core.
The sweet ache of missing you slips over in streams
that drown me in passions fuel to restore.

This night is but the briefest of rests
in the love letter it will take my life to get right.
A breath between kisses, a study between tests,
a pause between what I wrote and I write.

Tonight is punctuation, a comma, nothing more,
a blink between one embrace and another.
A night alone without the one that I adore,
lest our love become overwhelming and smother.

You are the sunshine that warms the coldest day,
the glow that glimmer’s in my every night.
So believe me when I tell you that in every way
your heart is the one that fits just so tight.

Tonight is just a resting point on our journey together,
one among many that we are not in mutual embrace.
But tonight is but an eye blink in the scheme of forever,
one step in a dance that will never be a race.

©2008 Christopher Reilley
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