Why Dogs Sniff Butts

Kids ask the darnedest questions. Especially at the dinner table.

A casual comment that sparks a giggle fit that brings out this old tall tale that my grandfather, who was not a well-read man, used to tell my brothers and I on summer afternoons while he was cremating hot dogs on a hibachi perched precariously on the stone wall in his back yard.

Despite the science behind dog's butt-sniffing (Like THIS) it is something that kids find fascinating.


The canines once had a doggy party.
They all traveled from near and far -
while some dogs flew in by airplane,
some went by bus, train or car.

They all went into the hotel’s lobby
and they signed the visitors´ book,
then each one hung his bum and his tail
upon a separate bum-tail hook

Now there was one dog who wasn't invited,
and this really aroused his ire,
so he rushed into the banquet hall,
and loudly barked out, ´Fire!´

This got the dogs so frightened,
they had no time to look,
and each one just grabbed a bum and tail,
from off the closest hook.

It is truly a sad sorry story,
for it is a very difficult chore,
to wear another dog’s bum and tail,
that you have never worn before.

That is why when dogs now meet
in the park or over a bone,
each sniffs the other dog’s bum and tail
in hopes they might have found their own.


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