Finally Clean

Light blisters without pain
Bathing the world in incandescent fire.
The turmoil within becalms
For the first time in eons
Deep within my core
I can feel the cancer recede
Shrink away from the Holy
Like the blasphemy it is.
I am awoken by the presence

If I am indeed awake
Then please, let me never sleep again
For this dream is the one I would grasp
As a drowning man grasps
At the thinnest of reeds
Hoping against hope
Believing against cynicism
Railing against Death’s glacial embrace
With the blaze of Faith
That only the damned can know.

Mind gives but a moment to wonder
Why me, why have I been chosen?
Yet the answer is less important
Than the presence, the thrum of life
The warmth that challenges the sun
Because it comes from within.

The vision from my soul smiles,
I wonder if this was why smiles were invented -
That something so lovely as to be perfect
Could conceivably improve
I am ashamed at how unworthy I am
Yet greedy that this should continue forever
I live, a child of His wonder
Existing because He wills it so
Bathed in forgiveness,
Finally clean.

©2009 Christopher Reilley

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