The Simple Joys of Life


Some things just make you feel OK
Though life quite often gets in the way,
So let your inner child out to play
Try relaxing outdoors on a sunny day.

Ask any father who loves his daughter -
Of the joy when he first tossed her up and caught her.
Nothing beats watching her frolic like an otter
Because of the pure joy of playing in water.

Sometimes life just up and surprises you
By giving you pleasure in the things that you do.
Despite all of the hassles you have been through
Your breath can be taken by an exquisite view.

Our vision often needs a different lens,
On perspective our personal sightline depends,
So when night comes and the daytime ends,
Spend some time reminiscing with friends.

We often walk some pretty mean streets
And daily worry sometimes defeats
But there is nothing in this world that beats
Going to sleep on nice clean sheets.

Life's greatest pleasures can never be bought,
And ephemeral pleasures are eventually forgot,
But one treasure you look for when you drive a lot
Is finding a pull-through parking spot.

We all have such busy schedules to keep,
That sometimes the price just seems a bit steep
Except those mornings when you wake from slumber deep
Only to find you have another hour to sleep.

Returning to the place where your parents still dwell,
Can overcome you with nostalgia’s magic spell.
That one place in the world where everything is swell
Always has its own familiar smell.

Here is another of life’s little uplifting perks,
That feeling you get, whether lawyers or clerks,
When you rise above all of those mediocre jerks,
And that idea that you had just simply - works.

Some days you are unhappy, others you are in the pink.
And some days you struggle without ever stopping to think,
About how great it feels to come back from the brink
Of dehydration when you get that first sip of your drink.

Think about how happy you were, driving home that night
Readying yourself for the routine traffic fight,
The joy of all the others, receding from mirror’s sight
Because you were the one who caught the yellow light.

There are all these tiny pleasures, the things that make you glad
The stuff that picks you up on days you are feeling bad.
When they happen there is no way you can continue being mad,
Like finding money in a pocket you didn’t know you had.

Sometimes you can do the things that gladden your heart,
Like teaching something new, your knowledge you impart.
Nothing in this world can make you feel so smart,
As actually finishing those things that you start.

These joys are always around, they will never go away
Just keep an eye out looking you can’t really go astray.
Enjoy those flowers for their delicate bouquet
Or find a way to sleep in on a rainy week day.

So look for these, life’s simple gifts, wherever you desire.
Keep your mind open to them, life gives you all you will require
Like telling family stories around a blazing campfire
Or putting on clean clothes, straight from the dryer.

So add to this list, find things that are worthwhile
Simple pleasure in the everyday, keep options versatile,
When you find yourself amid tribulations and trial
Find something ordinary to help make you smile.

©2015 Christopher Reilley

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