Reincarnation Blues


There have been lives lived before this one.
I have been people both bad and very good.
Walked beneath ancient and foreign suns,
Found breakfast in wattled and dusky wood.

I have been a rogue, a scoundrel, a truly bad man,
And there were times I was devout and had faith.
Lives gone by in which I’ve stolen what I can,
Born as eldest, youngest, born seventh or eighth.

I was a lieutenant in the American Calvary,
A seamstress in the court of Spanish kings,
A politician, manipulating royal rivalry -
Whispering in ears and pulling on strings.

Some lives I have lived were placid and quiet,
Some of them shortened by famine or war.
Once I was involved in a widespread riot.
I once gave my life for the woman I adore.

I have been a leader, a chief, a politician.
There were times I was the laziest man under the sun.
Been dragged screaming down the road to perdition,
And gone to grace after a life as a nun.

In this current life I am merely a simple poet.
Of my life and family my words have been wrung.
Blessed I am, and don’t think I don’t know it,
Having lived so many chances to be foolish and young.

When this life is over, and the next one begins
I hope that I am able to see past the Veil,
To be able to avoid my past lives sins,
And to weave my story with ever finer detail.

©2015 Christopher Reilley
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