Power Words


Do yourself a favor.
Take a moment away from your life,
your trivialities,
your morning coffee and pastry,
or the skimming and surfing of the Web,
take a moment to consider my words.

The words you are reading
right this instant
are probably showing up
in a ten-point Times Roman
or a Verdana
because that is what
your computer gives you,
and you accept it.

Little attention
to little poems,
reducing everything
to a succession
of diminutives.

You should know that I am writing this
in a HUGE 72 point
Impact Extra Bold,
with an extra red stroke!
Letters so massive,
so important,
they put stress fractures
on my monitor.
Words so
singularly important
God Himself
plagiarizes from me.

Because these words
are crucial to who I am.
Vital, in fact.
They are
and life.

But these words
are more than my ego,
more than a desire
to be read by you,
more than a need to be heard.

These words are a connection
between us.
It is you
that brings power to this poem.

it is just
a pile of words.


©2015 Christopher Reilley

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