The Price We All Pay


She just wanted to be held
and be told that she was pretty,
to feel a shred of human warmth
in this barren, cold city.

Her days were filled with work and friends,
her life was all of her own,
but when the sun set and dark crept in
she had always found her self alone.

He was a rake, a man about town,
so suave and debonair.
He was simply looking for a good time
with a fresh and juicy pair.

No strings was his rule, no commitments at all,
he had to be free just in case
he met another girl with something new -
a sweeter wiggle or a prettier face.

They met at a club, no place special at all;
cocktails and throbbing music in the dark.
Flushed with dancing and drink, without stopping to think
they wandered off into the park.

In the green air they groped and clutched at each other,
both of them hungry and ready to feast.
Their soft words and whisper eventually grew
to the voice of the two backed Beast.

Life quickened inside her, as it often does,
two lives suddenly became three.
Her life would never be just hers again
and he would never again be free.

God has His plan for the species of Man,
orgasm is a gift from Above.
So Man will trade his Love for Sex
and Woman will trade Sex for Love.

©2015 Christopher Reilley
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