Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance & Rosebud

Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance & Rosebud


The Renegade rejects the sins of the past
Denies dogma, precedent and standard
Previous limits must all be surpassed
One’s obeisance cannot be pandered


Style and culture once more at the core
Of a grace note at a nation’s heart.
A regal image projected for rapport
Warmth and spirit meant to impart.


The light of a child brightens our eyes
Warmth and cheer only go hand in glove
That this one is special is no great surprise
Given that her heart shines with love.


A fresh young flower in the bud of her bloom
Innocence wrapped in beauty and soul
Filling our minds with winsome perfume
Our appreciation making us whole.

©2005 Christopher Reilley
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