Living on Borrowed Pretty II


Trailing along behind
the pretty girl, cute girl,
a social remora,
she sits in the corner of the party
watching the guys fall
in lust
with her friend.

Invisible as beige,
she sips from the plastic cup
knowing that the only boys
she will get to talk to tonight
are wingmen
helping a buddy out.

Resolved to another night alone,
she is rocked
by the depth of her surprise
when a guy from her least favorite class
asks her to dance.

He is not drunk.
He is not teasing.
What could he possibly want?

She refuses to let herself believe.
When he compliments her eyes
suspicion flares.
When he asks her opinion
she worries.
After he shyly asks if he might see her again…

… a thin green bud of hope curls from the soil of her soul.

©2012 Christopher Reilley

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