Tired Old Man Tales


So when I woke up this morning
I heard this noise outside my door.
When I investigated, I found an old man
wanting to tell me his tales.

I listened to the first story,
full of Love, Hate and Piracy,
and I wondered if even part of it were true.

Then he began to tell me of corporate sharks -
of lies, cheats, the stabbings in the back,
and the rewards that could not be spent,
smiling the entire time.

I heard him tell of passion, and love gone sour,
of drunken mistakes and forgiveness
so sweet it gave me a toothache,
And I wished, just for a second
that I could tell tales so well.

He told me about the stars big plans,
about the world in trouble
and what makes a man a man,
And I understood,
he was a tired old man.

Then he asked me for a tale,
Since I did not have one handy
I made one up, about a tired old man
telling tales to those who would listen,
and he nodded as he fell asleep.

So some morning, when you wake up
if you find me at your door,
sit a spell, and let me tell you a tale
or two, or more, because, after all,
I am a tired old man.

©2010 Christopher Reilley
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