The Shameless Flirt


It does not matter to you
that I am married,
in love,
or otherwise inaccessible.

You care nothing for the vagaries of life.
No use for conventions,
rebel that you are.
You speak only of the now.
Step out of confused flight
to wear a hole in my coat
with your tears.

I allow only laughter to touch you.
My distance a choice of mine
not yours.
My reflection dances
on your wine glass,
and in your eyes.

Your reflective embrace
is free-form jazz in the dark,
done without ground rules
or agenda.
It is your default.

My vows means less to you
than the bar tab you will flirt your way out of,
less than the weightless mood
you carry along with you
like lipstick and a lighter.
my desire for her means nothing to you.

Yet it is everything to me.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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