Of Lulls and Byes


My child was weary and so was I
We had played and sung the day through.
So when she asked for a lullaby
I did what any poet would do.

I sang of ice cream floats and summer rain,
Of butter-cups and daddy's kiss,
Spun songs that I could never explain,
Some would hit, and some would miss.

I murmured songs of playground fun,
Of dressing up in wild costumes.
We dreamed of spaceship rides to the sun,
And riding through skies on witches brooms.

I sang of heroes and dragons in times gone past
Of second chances and seven tries
Songs of times both slow and fast
And whispers of both lulls and byes.

I spun stories until I had no more,
Hoping that our time I could keep,
I only ended when a heard a soft snore
Telling me that my babe was asleep.

©2008 Christopher Reilley

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