I Memorized You


It was my fault, I admit it.

I knew that you were not really mine to keep,
that is why I kissed you a thousand extra times
and told you it was just my way.

That is why I always gazed a few extra seconds
before looking away
and why I stayed up all those nights
to watch you sleep
instead of getting any rest myself.

I worked hard to memorize every curve
and mark on your body
so that when you left I would not forget.

I listened extra carefully when you spoke
because I knew I would need to replay your voice
when I am alone.

That is why I told you I loved you so many times
and held you as close as I did,
pressing your body against my own,
because I knew that someday my sheets would smell of you
but you would not be there,
I would be alone,
so I took in your warmth, and looked at you with sadness
but never told you why.

I watched you dream, because I knew
I would not get to watch you change and grow.
Sometimes things are only built to break.
I cherished you all I could but you still left
and I’m starting to wish I never memorized you
because now I cannot forget,
I have learned you like the lyric to the best song ever
and you have been running through my head
ever since.

©2015 Christopher Reilley

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