The Weekend of Two Birthdays!

Both of my daughters were born in August, and one year we attempted to hold their birthdays together, one for their friends, and one for our family.  Turned out to be too much work. The next weekend I wrote this. 


Stirring, saucing, boiling, bake,
Braise the meatballs, frost the cake.
Setting up chairs and dressing the stage,
Decorations all appropriate to age.
Hot food, cold food, beer and wine,
Enough to feed one hundred and nine.
Vacuuming, polishing, dusting and clean,
Hiding the refuse, we do not want it seen.

Saturday arrivals, tween girls all a’twitter
Singing karaoke, wearing costumes with glitter.
Pizza and soda and chocolate everything
Laughing at how badly some kids will sing.
Egg toss and water balloons, and prizes for all
Books and gizmos and things bought at the mall.
Laughing and singing and all their good friends,
Sighing and hugging when it finally ends.

Sunday is for family, who come from far and near
To eat themselves silly and drink all our beer.
They pinch cheeks and compliment, saying sweet things
And give gifts of clothing, jewelry and rings.
“My how you’ve grown”, and “Don’t you look sweet.”
“Here is some money,” and endearments complete.
Great food, conversation and stories re-told
Some things about family just never get old.

And when it is all over, all things said and done,
Dishes all washed and the mess left is none,
After murmurs and kisses and songs softly sung,
And cherished delights of being older, yet young,
They are both tucked away, dreaming with soft smiles,
And we consider with pleasure that it was worthwhile,
We sit back and enjoy some peace, saying “Well dear,
How do you expect to top this next year?”

©2009 Christopher Reilley

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