In a Perfect World


Professional athletes and teachers swapped salaries,
Prisons now are places one wants to avoid,
Art is now rotated among the world’s galleries
So it can be appreciated, noted and enjoyed.
Chocolate only has a quarter of the calories,
And only those who choose can be called unemployed.

Politicians work two terms, then go back to their jobs,
Which works because every citizen now votes.
Nobody ever cheats, lies, steals or robs,
Because society now integrity promotes.
Watterston goes back to drawing Calvin and Hobbes
And teenagers return to the sowing of wild oats.

Poets are lauded like rock stars once were
Student memorizing their latest quatrains,
Riding in limos, with liveried chauffeur,
Drinking the world finest champagnes.
Why, thank you for the compliment monsieur
The French still the world’s culture maintains.

But the one thing that would make this world perfect
The one wish my spirit most wants to impart -
Lovers would never their lives or families neglect
Never in anger or deceit would they depart
Two hearts, once committed, never disconnect
When caring and sharing are perfected as Art.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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