The Honesty of Love


Tongue, skin, heat and thighs,
love shows the truth in lies,
lust increases the weight of deceit.
Kisses stolen are kisses sweet.

We come to grips with much consumption,
laying weight to past presumption,
growing slowly numb to real emotion,
paper promises pass as devotion.

Each of us tending our personal fires,
pretending we are not all deviant liars,
climbing up and jumping off words,
hoping against hope that we fly like birds.

Variety is the great equalizer,
we get older but not often wiser.
Eventually all those lies leave us numb
to the shell of the person we become.

True Love is not love without true words spoken,
even love bends under the weight of words broken.
So if your relationship is one you cherish,
heed my words lest everything perish.

If love is real it will survive every fire,
except the ones you set by being a liar,
giving your all means opening a vein,
you have less to lose than you stand to gain.

How can your lover love you if they never know
of the things that you steadfastly refuse to show-
those secrets that you keep deep inside,
the shameful parts that you try to hide?

Give them the chance to show you what's real.
Allow them the honor of feeling what you feel.
No greater gift will you ever give your heart,
no better reason to keep from drifting apart.

Though Love be sweet, know this of me,
no love sweet without honesty.
And when I slip, falter, stumble and fail,
know that you will hear every word of the tale.

©2009 Christopher Reilley

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