My Case for Faith


Death came by for a visit today,
but I was busy, I'm glad to say.
“So sorry that you cannot stay,”
and Death was hurried along his way.

Pride came over for a little while.
As usual he brought a private smile
but his antics are not my usual style,
I normally strive to be more versatile.

As he was leaving Fear poked through the door
and asked why I never called anymore.
I had drunk with Fear quite a lot before,
but now I felt he was one to ignore.

Anger made Fear want to quickly leave,
something I had always sought to achieve,
yet I had originally been too naive
to see Anger's ability to deceive.

When Anger was gone I was left with Grief,
a visitation I hoped would be fairly brief.
And then I discovered to my disbelief
that he had stolen my Joy like a thief.

Sadness came by to offer his trade,
but decisions had by then been made.
I launched into a great tirade,
and when he'd left I knelt down and prayed.

I wished to live a life with Faith at my side
and so Joy returned to stay and abide.
With my Lord whom I knew I could always confide
I welcome the happiness that Faith can provide.

Death will return, I have no doubt that is true,
but until then my faith will constantly renew,
and the strength of my Faith I will always pursue,
those negative emotions I will strive to eschew.

©2011 Christopher Reilley

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