If Words Could Escape


We really ought to let the Words loose someday
just to see what they all might have to say.
Would they question every possible choice?
Or maybe none of them would have a voice,
but simply act as you or I might do
if such a thing could really be true.

Would they smile and tell secrets sizzling hot?
Or marry your sister and say they forgot?
Would they run laughing through the sick ward's halls,
Or color outside of lines on all of the walls?
Would they wear the jackets of men long dead,
or see the messiah in some toasted bread?

Do you wonder if they'd ever steal from each other?
Or if Words knew the secret of loving your brother?
Would they march to the sound of brassy trombones,
or look in the mirror and see skin and bones?
Would they go down the hamster's tiny snug hole,
or teach you to act without giving you a role?

They be good at arguing, like some couples I know,
and when they meet royalty they bow down quite low.
Words can remind you how dumb you really are,
at four in the morning, on the radio, in the car,
just like people Words can be foolish, or rude
their meaning can sometimes be misconstrued.

Words have edges, and sharp ones you bet -
so watch what you say, they will get to you yet.
To love Words is to always want just the right one
or a new way to describe something common as the sun.
So be on sharp lookout for a new or choice Word,
whether it was read, suggested, or just overheard.

If Words could escape, and I'm not saying they can't,
they would do more than just stand here and rant.
I'm certain that Words would do much better than I
at keeping feet on the ground while reaching for sky.
If Words do ever decide to stand up and rebel
all we would be able to do is stand there and yell.

©2010 Christopher Reilley

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