I Am A Poem


I am a poem.

I am more than a collection of random words.

I am much more than meter and rhyme.

I was wrestled from magic, fixed into place,
and spun like candy floss into being.

If I can live one day,
one single day
before moving down the list of poems
like me
that wish to exist,
I will have meant something.

If I can relay to you, and you and you,
something different,
something other,
in a way you not only understand
but feel -
I will have succeeded.

If I can become;
deep meaning in every line,
taught to future poets,
loved by one an all
I will have triumphed.

And win or lose, pass or fail,
I will happily
break down into words
to be wrestled into shape
for the next poem
at the top of tomorrow's list.

©2010 Christopher Reilley

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