A Father Stands Before the Judge


In falling through the tides of Fate -
buffeted about and casually tossed,
I find myself forced to hurry and wait.
Paying the price before I learn the cost.

Bruised by chance and nursing timing’s welt,
scraped raw by choices others have made,
I feel more bereft than ever I have felt
while best-laid plans have twisted and strayed.

Home and Hearth are more than mere dream,
and sanity pipes a broken tune.
Things are not always what they may seem,
but pain is real and Love lies ruined.

Patience a virtue I can ill afford,
justice a concept best left to others,
Time with my child I covet and hoard,
sins of fathers cannot compare to mothers.

Yet Family is unbeaten and Faith unbent,
Trust finds new purchase on a slippery slope.
His will protects the innocent
and I give myself over to Thanks and Hope.

©2008 Christopher Reilley

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