A Butterfly In My Eyes


All that falls within my sight
is precious, total and rare.
Look, I see children playing
and a waterfall over there.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom,
and a rhino’s skin is so rough.
Look at the cracks in the pavement,
I can never seem to get enough.

I see rainbows in oily puddles,
and cartoons in cloudy skies.
There goes a beautiful woman,
a treat for anyone’s eyes.

Look how steam rises from my cup,
Look at the curl of that kitten’s tail.
Laugh at the overburdened mail carrier
weighted down with holiday mail.,

I’ll bet that fellow is up to no good,
look at the trash in the street.
I love the glistening headlights in rain,
that puzzle is nearly complete.

I feel like I need to see everything,
this surely comes as no surprise.
That is just the way the world looks,
when you have a butterfly in your eyes.

©2007 Christopher Reilley

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