Madam, I'm Adam


The creature’s name was Adam, you see,
he was brought to life by electricity.

He got a real charge from the bolts on his neck,
you could say he was born from early high-tech.

His body was scrounged up from spare parts
like criminal’s brains and miser’s hearts.

His hands were sewn right onto the wrist,
he could carry a small girl curled up in his fist,

He wore a size forty-three shoe, which are hard to find,
but despite all of this he really did not mind.

He just wanted to exist, was that really so wrong?
but with torches and pitchforks he did not get along.

Kill one small child and folks get really pissed,
they say they can’t live with a monster in their midst.

So he ran up north, where it was really quite cold,
in the hopes that villagers he would no more behold.

He walked the ice by day and by frosty cold night
until his creator found him and took pity on his plight.

The man who toyed with Nature by bringing him to life
promised him deliverance, promised him a wife.

So he returned to the lab, allowed the doctor to tinker,
he could not be blamed, he was really not a thinker.

The doc whipped him up a girl, one with really cool hair,
but when she saw him the first time, he gave her a scare.

She refused his advances, would give him no lovin’
so he burned down the lab, cooked her just like an oven.

And the doc, well, he was getting married, or so he thought,
but Adam broke her neck, now the doc was distraught.

The doc tried to help the villagers kill Adam that day,
but he was built tough, and of course he got away.

He still roams the night, just trying to get by,
if you see him, don’t be scared, look him in the eye.

He was not malignant by purpose or design,
just merely a hobby for Doctor Frankenstein.

©2008 Christopher Reilley

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