A Young Man's Introduction to Spanish Dance


Flamenco guitars thrilled the air
playing traveling magic
as she sang for him,
in a language he could not recall from school.
She spun, flowing through the air,
her oil-black hair spinning circles,
wrapping him in a cloud of Latina brunette.

She moved for him alone,
as he etched her grace into his mind.
Holding ruffled edges that flashed color,
she whipped her skirt into a frenzy,
flashing the blade in her garter
against a thigh thick and hard
that he longed to taste.

His heart paced the music, tempo rising,
the tapping of her feet tympanic in his head
with the sound of hard rain on tombstones,
filling his being faster than the tequila.
He felt love, and other parts, swell past purity.
She felt passion, and power mixed with pride
as they made love with nothing but their eyes.

This poem is in the collection Breathing for Clouds, you can get a copy HERE.

©2010 Christopher Reilley

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