A Beat of Eternity


I lay awake, the ceiling fan lifting
the heat from my body.
Swelter generated by our sliding skin,
tangling flesh,
over-riding compulsions
to feed upon each other.

The sweetness of your salt
lies upon my tongue.
Recalling the fire with which
I consumed your dew
warms my heart,
which beats louder in my core.

Show me the power
of your desire.
Wake within me the capacity
of my own.
Bring me to life.

My hands find your curves
aching to know their secrets.
I explore, as you sleep,
my caresses mere ghost-touches
willing your warmth to respond.

The rhythm of our bodies
in perpetual motion
drums a beat of eternity
throbbing into the room's air,
singing of our love,
but I hear it even now.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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