Why did You Lie?


Why did you lie? You know that I love you
You’re my kind of guy, there is no one above you.

I cannot help but lie, not even to you
No matter how I try, it’s just something I do.

Why did you lie? I don’t care about money.
I just want you to try and be there for me, honey.

Why did I lie? I’m not who you think?
Not someone you can rely on not to fight, steal or drink.

Why did you lie? I like who you are.
Without you I’d die, you are my guiding star.

Why did I lie? I can’t handle this scene.
No matter how I try I end up being mean.

Why did you lie? You own my whole heart.
Others need not apply, we can’t be apart.

Why did I lie? I just needed some space.
Please darling don’t cry. Wipe those tears from your face.

Why did you lie? Why not tell me the truth?
You just cannot deny you are no longer a youth.

Why did I lie? What else can I control?
I don’t have a job and must live on the dole.

You don’t need to lie, I believe in you
I don’t know why, but I just do.

Why did I lie? You expect too much.
I can’t reach quite that high, I choke in the clutch.

But why, oh, why did you lie? Why did you lie to ME?
This must be goodbye. No love without honesty

Oh, why did I lie, it cost me my life
Please let me again try, come back my dear wife.

Why did I lie, now I am left all alone.
I wish I would die, no way to atone.

I will never again lie, this is my solemn vow
I am a different guy, come back to me now.

My love was a lie, I did not trust enough
Every day I cry, I’m just not that tough.

Do not ever again lie, I will love you again
You get one last try, you must forever abstain.

I swear not to lie, I will win back your trust
Your love lifts me high, I can’t bear your disgust.

I will trust you not to lie, you are my dear man
There is no short supply. Do it, I know you can.

I adore you my wife, and that is no lie.
You are my whole life, without you I would die,

I’m sorry for the strife, and on me you can rely
Cut my soul out with a knife, I will always comply.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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