No Time to Bleed


We just ain’t got time to bleed,
there are more problems to face every day.
You poisoned the very air that we breathe
and control what we think and are allowed to say,

You contaminate the water we drink
which you now want to charge us for.
You copyright the food we eat,
then fine us if we try to grow more.

We fight in your wars, die for your causes
and sacrifice our freedoms for your protection.
You liquidate our savings, destroy our middle class
then purchase your very own elections.

You make us slaves to your corporations,
create zombies addicted to your airwaves
abolish our rights as human beings
and assassinate our leaders into early graves

You own our property, ship our jobs overseas
and shred our unions for fear of their might,
you profit from disaster, destabilize our currencies
and create distinctions between black, brown and white.

You raise our cost of living, devalue our education,
you’ve come THIS close to extinguishing our flame.
For too long we have been forced to take what you give
forced to sit sidelines while you play Greed’s own game.

But like I said, we just ain’t got time to bleed,
because your usage of us has gone too damned far.
We have pitchforks to sharpen, baseball bats to nail up.
and a million torches to load with burning tar

So when you look from your penthouse and see us coming,
you will then know your safe choices are far and few,
bend over and kiss your fat-cat’s fat ass goodbye
because we the people will be coming for you.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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