I Don't Care


The absolute truth is –
I do not care.

I care nothing whatever for the car you drive.
The clothes you wear are meaningless to me.
A-list? So what? B-list or even D-list,
it means nothing to me.
I could not possibly care less
if you know someone
who knows someone
who is close to someone
who can do something
for me – or against me.

I only care about the words
that flutter from your mind,
falling gently on the table between us,
or ringing and stinging my ears.
Only the thoughts that you share with me,
the visions that you can make me see,
the vistas that you convey me to with words,
are worth a damn to me.

I will not fall in love with your bones and skin.
I am ambivalent about the places you have been,
there is nothing you can pull from your pocket
that would thrill me.

But tell me a story,
write me a poem,
share a slice of truth with me
in ways both clever and apt –

…and I will be yours forever.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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