How to Write a Love Letter


First, imagine that you have just connected, intimately,
and you are basking in the torpid afterglow.

Next, realize your immense gratitude, that such a one as your love
would grace one such as you with immensity of bliss.

Search your mind for the metaphor that suggests perfection
all the while realizing that words are inadequate to the task.

Open a vein, figuratively speaking, and pour your soul onto the page,
Then imagine the kiss of your lover healing the wound.

Use language of truth, whether raw or poetic, hold back nothing,
fill the lines of your sheet with pure honesty and reveal all.

Read what you have penned with open mind, open heart, open eyes
and with the complete understanding that this is the only thing that matters.

Burn your letter as a sacrifice to the gods of Romance,
breathing deeply of the emotion carried skyward.

Find the one whose heart owns your own,
and tell them what you have learned, with kisses and sighs.

©2014 Christopher Reilley

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