Do Things Differently


Would that I could do things differently -
I would crash and lumber more
being unafraid of hurting myself
and more careful of hurting others.

I would take more things apart
so that I could find new ways
to put them back together,
and if I could not make them work
I would make them do something else entirely.

I will relax a lot more, sleep later, clean less.
I would spend the time that I saved
in better fashion, by watching clouds,
or tickling children, or making love.

I will take more, give less.
Take more trips, more chances,
more risks and I’ll take a lot more time.
I will give less weight to opinion,
give less credence to conjecture,
and give less concern for calories.

No doubt I will make more mistakes,
but I will likely make more friends
and they will enjoy my company,
because I will be barefoot, tipsy,
cheerful and sillier than I am today.

I would scratch what itches, burp when I need to,
and kiss everyone who is willing.
I would do things that scare me
just because I can.

And I would not simply write poems,
I would practice what I preach,
I would do the things I…

…excuse me, I have to go.

©2014 Christopher Reilley
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