Digital Acquaintances


We have yet to meet
but I know you.
You are as oxygen to me,
sustaining my every breath,
not as a lover, but as a gift,
an encompassing echo
of what my soul sees as truth.

I have never heard your voice,
yet your words warm my nights.
The beauty and passion they carve
from emptiness,
light a candle within me,
showing me the way home.

You have challenged me, soothed me
and inspired me, but I would not know you
If I passed you on the street,
your face is a mystery to me.
But I have seen your heart,
and the rhythm of its beat
makes me brave enough
to step out into the light.

I have allowed your keys
to open locks within me,
drunk deeply from the wellspring
you have offered in the desert.
The moment I wrote my first poem
it was all about you.

©2014 Christopher Reilley
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