The Wine Within the Blood


Here we were once more,
or was it the first time -
edging the angles,
facing our desires,
locked in an intricate dance.

Drunken sheets and closed blinds,
we giggled into each others flesh
right next to the playground;
the game of night stickball
a soundtrack for sticky-slippery fun,
a long low song above the lee.

"Please..." whispered away from walls,
carried meaning stronger than words.
Melding memories and flesh
to seal over prior scars,
coaxing sweetness from each others breath,
we found humanity in tangled limbs
and bestial rhythms.

Gliding skin and slick licked fingers
held heat between us
with a pulse
that beat two hearts.

You shouted, I roared
and we both gasped
finding the wine within the blood
as we drank of each other.


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