Independence Day


My Country 'tis of thee,
more so than it is of me.
The Spirit of Seventeen Seventy Six
is looking for problems that we might fix.

In this country we are all living,
our attention turned to our giving,
happy that we have been freed,
and wondering what you might need.

Sure, we have problems right enough,
but we are made of sterner stuff.
Standing up for what is right
is what gives us our powerful might.

In foreign lands and on home soil
we struggle, work, tire and toil
so that the world will look and see
the value of a life of democracy.

As individuals we might make mistakes,
but our nation does whatever it takes
to follow America's patriotic call
with liberty and justice for all.

On this our Independence Day
let us all take a moment to stand and say
“No matter what trials life may bring
God bless America, let freedom ring!”

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