World Without End


I love you
longer than a city block
where children skip and play
until the street lights
call them home
where supper
and comfort awaits.

I love you
bigger than a breadbasket
filled with freshly baked joy
crunchy and flaky outside,
soft and warm inside,
served with honey
at midnight.

You are “My Sunshine”
played on an old upright piano
on an empty stage
in an empty
gilded hall,
for the empty, velour seats.

You are the deluxe assortment
of crayons, with gold and silver
and six shades of green
in the box
with the built-in sharpener,
a wealth of possibilities.

Together we are the
welcoming committee
at the landing
when the train that is one of us
enters the station that is the other
and we finally embrace.

© Chris Reilley 12/20/10

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