My Demand to Know


Forgive me my demand to know,
my desire to reach the infinite.
I have asked and implored,
begged and beseeched
in my own way,
thrust my sentience into the ice-blue
past the spangles of the stars
and the eternal of the darkness,
straining to hear the anthems
to find something… more.

How grandiose I must seem,
as if I might know more
than the rose’s sweet fragrance,
the bloom of a cherry blossom,
or the glissando of the brook.
Yet I still hoist my petition,
seeking the answer to both reason and truth.

I ask simply for a balm
for I am a captive of my soul’s descent.
I confess I do not pray for succor
only consecration,
nothing the singing wind
could not achieve on its own.

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