Lost Kid At The Zoo


Thirteen kids all went to the zoo.
Only twelve came back, what shall I do?

I looked near the lions, checked the giraffes,
Stopped where we had lunch, and did arts and crafts,

I went back to the bears, and then back to the lion,
But I could not find the kid, as hard as I was tryin’,

The ostrich had not seen him, nor had the rhino,
I asked all of the camels, even the albino,

the peacock knew nothing, neither did the gorillas,
I asked the beavers, the monkeys, even the chinchillas,

I ran back to the farm, asked the cows, sheep and goats,
Questioned the horses, the ferrets, and even the stoats.

I counted once more, and only then did I see
That the thirteenth kid I was looking for happened to be ME!

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