Where We Have Ended


Not a significant individual in the crowd,
But hey,
This is where we have ended,
Just in time to hear the ragged
Last breath of civilization.
Might as well spend it in truth.

I almost miss the regret,
The naked dismay,
The easy and frank cries
On the street
That come from the deadliest
And most alive of climates.

Of what wonders were we capable
When we did things for the joy,
Felt safe in our own beds,
Trusted in right to make might,
And honored our father and mother?
Been so long,
Might as well ask -
What mythology fits your view?

Are we survivors,
Or predators,
Masters of our domain,
Or pawns on the board?
Can I be a bit of both?
Or neither?

Hold me as it grows colder
For I find I’ve no taste for solitude.
If you remember me,
Then I will never quite
Be gone.

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