Tell It To The Beatles


“Yesterday,” the Beatles crooned,
“All my troubles seemed so far away.”
And tho’ well-sung and better tuned
I’d no idea what they meant to say.

I was callow youth, barest green
And they were brains to the Stones balls.
I’d not yet seen what they had seen
I had barely lived, not lived at all.

My life was all tomorrows
And what would happen next.
I had no time for sorrows,
And finances had me forever vexed.

“Love was such an easy game to play,”
Was the only part that stuck in my head
Looking back now I’ve got to say
I was not thinking with my head.

Why she had to go, she wouldn’t say
But it is real, not a catchy pop song
Now I need a place to hide away
Until I can figure out where it went wrong.

The Beatles sang, they sang to you and me
They sang and they had something to say
There is a shadow hanging over me
And I believe ….. in yesterday.

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