I Beat him Every Time


He never gave up, but I was more skilled
Even though he tried so hard.
His Rock’em Sock’em robot always got killed
And I always played the winning card.

At backgammon we made up our own set of rules
But the luck of the dice fell my way.
In Museum Jackpot I collected more jewels
Until he cried and refused to play.

I beat him at Othello, Risk and Candy Land,
His Battleship got sunk every single time.
Whether Poker, War, or Fish, I had the winning hand,
And at Clue I solved each and every crime.

“But it’s not fair!” he said in a voice with a whine,
As I whipped him at checkers once more.
It is true the victories always seemed to be mine
And as a loser he was continually sore.

Of course, I know the honest truth
For my continued gaming perfection,
I was alone for most of my youth,
Competing against my own reflection.

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