Dystopian Doom


When cities have all devolved to rust
and nothing is left of diamonds but dust,
when there is no one left for you to trust,
The world will have passed away.

It has taken a thousand thousand Mays;
a countless stream of nights and days
a planetary lifetime spent in selfish haze
With little enough being left to say.

There’s been war on this globe since before my birth
Not one single day of peace for Mother Earth
Since mankind has always neglected her worth
being born knowing no other way.

We choked her with poison pumped into air,
acid in her rain, from here to there
soiled our own bed with hardly a care,
leaving us no place to stay.

Oh, we talk the talk when push comes to shove,
and do what we must in the name of self-love
but when nuclear clouds block the sun above
we will be forced to deal with our decay.

Our science has stepped over ethical bounds
giddy with glee over each discovery found
and there are now so few philosophers around,
that this mongrel dog has wasted its day.

There is yet time to forestall our demise,
we need to be looking with Earth’s green eyes
we can at least be careful if we cannot be wise
or we can return to the dust and clay.

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