Reveal yourself to me,
I yearn to know more.
Touch me intimately
From across a crowded room
With nothing but your eyes.

Show me the power of your desire
Tell me how I might grasp your soul
And pull, so sweetly.

Lay with me, teach me to fly,
Hold me within your grasp, that I might be free.
Give me a moment of your life
That I might know the infinite.

From where I lie, I see
The landscape of your body
Stretching out before me.
My eyes travel the plains, hills and valleys
That my lips wish to walk.
I see dark eyes
Watching my touch travel
Along silken dales
Closing only when overtaken by pleasure.

Push against my hungry mouth,
My tongue is generous and gives all
For you.
The avalanche of your arousal
Heaves up the plains, shakes the foundations
And the bodyscape before me
Erupts with the fury of passion
Buried within its core.

Deep in the middle of your satisfaction
I find my own.

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