More Than My Parts

Written for a dear friend dealing with Cancer therapies.


I rejoice in my life for its own sake.
I am no mere candle, but a torch on fire.
Every moment of life I fully partake,
And I always strive to grow a bit higher.

The harder I work, the more I live.
I am more than the sum of my many parts.
I have so much joy and love to give,
That can never be read on some doctor’s charts

I am more than a smile, a hairdo, a breast;
I am greater than mere physical things.
I have been by my Creator blessed
With a soul that gives my spirit wings.

I have a heart, so true, so loving and full,
I have a backbone, stronger than steel.
There are my hands, able to push and pull,
That can comfort and allow me to feel.

I have eyes that have seen the best of this world,
I have a voice that rings clear and true.
Use my shoulder to cry on, I am your girl,
I will always be here for you.

I have a handy knee to bounce a tot,
And a comfy lap to tell tales on.
I have personal wisdom that was expensively bought,
And stories that go from dusk till dawn.

I’ll take no sympathy, put up with no pity,
Just try it and see how I react.
I make my own choices, no need for committee,
Even in pieces, I am still quite intact.

So show me your love, tell me a joke,
Just treat me the same as before.
I am not someone you want to provoke -
Tick me off and end up on the floor.

But know this of me, if you know me at all,
I love being who I am every day.
I will continue to rise every time that I fall,
While I am here, I am here to play.

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