Your Valentine 2014



I lay my soul bare to you and you alone,
my words the distillation of my heart;
Words with the power to crush me with ridiculous ease
or to lift me beyond the scope of the sky.

My eyes can see you as you are,
but it is my beating heart that tells me
you are the gravity that keeps me from running,
and the only prize under the sun worth fighting for.

To hold your heart in my teeth
as lovers do -
I would carve away slices of my honor,
piss on the difference between right and wrong,
sell myself into indentured servitude,
and rage in green-eyed anger.

But what I will not do
is break my faith in what my love has shown me -
that belonging to you has made me who I am meant to be.

I promise to dream of you every night,
from this day until the very last day.

I promise to speak softly to you every night before sleep
whether you are there to hear my words or not.

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