You Are My Valentine


How is it that I can fall in love with you again,
far deeper than ever before, when I thought
I had lost my heart to you once already?
How can it be that knowing your strength,
and those places where you need to be held,
can bring me to my knees with desire?

How is it possible that you know so much about me;
the piles of baggage that follow me where I walk,
my crimes, my sins, my cracked and sour soul,
and yet you still want me to fly, to shine like a new penny,
to create and build and put stars in my pockets,
how can you hold me high enough to touch heaven?

How can I celebrate those parts of you, so dear,
so secret, even you have not seen them as I have;
the nape of your neck, soft and silken beneath your hair,
the hollow where your shoulders cup into my hands,
and lower, the curved cream that arches into my passion,
or the spiraled sculpture of your ear and its honeyed taste.

With these few words, let me cover the entire world,
let me decant my silvered shadow to reach everything
in order to fulfill my heart’s commands, my soul’s demands,
let me give you my surrender and my dizzying triumph,
Know deep within your self, that there is at least one soul
Who holds perfection in itself, wearing your shape.

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