Vampire Blues


Having Death open doors for you is like making love to someone ugly.
It’s a hell of a lot of fun until your friends find out.
On the one hand, there’s the power, the rush like none in the world,
On the other is the hatred of the religiously devout.

Got the blues of a vampire, got the vampire blues,
Forget what you gain, and grieve what you lose,
Got the blues of a vampire, got the vampire blues.

Got servants, and secrets, and science and séances, too.
Blood-rush wakes me at the first hint of night’s kiss.
Got forty-seven reasons to tell myself I’m better than you.
But I can’t feel you, and I can’t remember what I miss.


I’m an empty vessel on an uncharted and lonely course -
Grasping at the glow of life only to crush it in my cold embrace.
You look but only see the swiftly donned mask of remorse,
My hellish deeds writ large upon my soul, not on my face.


I’d give it all back just to walk under a sunny summer sky,
Return the bloodlust and emotional abyss postage due.
‘Cause I gotta live forever without my reason to want to try,
I gotta walk eternity looking for another one of you.


You lose more than you gain, vampire blues, you lose.

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