The Cherokee Legend of the Wolves


There is a story told among the Cherokee
A grandfather relates to his grandson
Of the battle that happens inside of you and me
And the way in which it can be won.

Two wolves are fighting inside us all
And they fight until they can fight no more.
To the battle we are all held in thrall
We are both the prize and the source of the war.

The first is Evil, made from anger and greed,
Plus sorrow, regret, arrogance and false pride
With ego and self pity, resentment and need
And all of the foolishness man has inside.

The second is Good, it is joy, faith and love
Hope, humility, kindness and peace.
It is benevolence, serenity, the gifts from above
The humility to cherish the least.

But which wolf wins, the boys asks the man
Which one will ultimately succeed?
The choice is yours, if you do what you can
The winner is wolf that you feed.

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