In Our Shaded Spot

Someone I care about just suffered an enormous emotional loss, the passing of a lifetime companion. 

Another someone I love is watching a mate deteriorate, all while dreading the inevitable.

The loss of those we love, whether it take us by surprise or it it crashes and lumbers through our lives until it happens, chews a deep hole into our sense of self, one shaped very much like the loved one we lost.

I can only offer these meager words in comfort.


Let me come and sit beside you, let me lean on you once more.
I long to hear your morning laughter, to see your face at my door.
I still recall the way it felt when you reached out and took my hand,
and I still see the smile in your eyes, when you tell me you understand.

Your voice in my life always brought me a rush of friendship’s sweet relief,
but the hole in the world where you should be, is nothing less than grief.
The song I sing for you is one that has no beginning, and I can see no end,
Just as the days unending in which I will remember you as friend.

When tomorrow starts without you, you will not be here to see
the sun rising over the trees, as they silently stand watch over me.
I stand here all alone, and I will be alone once more tomorrow,
but I have known you, and known you well, so there’s no room for sorrow.

The trees in the grove, with leaves and blossoms waving unfurled
encompass what you have brought to my life, my heart, and my world.
From the burning heat of the summer sun, they offer cool, shaded retreat,
catching the rains from the heights of sky, and the world itself beneath our feet.

My days and nights are filled with beautiful memories such as these,
whispered in my ears by winds blowing through our favorite trees,
and as we celebrate the love we shared, we acknowledge what comes, and has gone,
from the roots we now set in our place, to the love that goes on and on.

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