Musical Memories

Ah, musical memories...

We all have a musical history, a pastiche of what we heard, when we heard it, what we were doing when we heard it, and how it made us feel. I can still recall with heartbreaking clarity what I was listening to when I lost my virginity, or when my grandfather died, or when Linda Latino showed me her boobs for the first time.

I wrote the following poem as a writing exercise, and it pleased me so much to do it that it just kept going and growing, until it got to its final unwieldy length.

None the less, I hope you all enjoy it.


Paul Anka introduced me, my head on his shoulder,
And Little Richard delighted, his music was bolder

Then the Big Bopper with his sweet Chantilly Lace
A Many Splendored Thing put a smile on my face

Fats Domino crooned from atop Blueberry Hill
But Elvis was King then and he is King still.

Bill Haley Rocked us all Around the Clock
But Chuck Berry showed us how to do the Duck Walk.

The Platters, The Coasters, and of course Patti Page
Johnny Mathis and Buddy Holly all were the rage.

To Know Him is to Love Him, the Teddy Bears sang
Then Richie Valens did La Bamba and his guitar rang.

In the Sixties the Association told me Never My Love
And My Boyfriend’s Back sang the Angels above.

The Beach Boys gave Good Vibrations to add to my world
And a Surfin’ Safari to go with Barbara Ann the Surfer Girl.

The Cascades, The Chiffons, Del Shannon and Ronettes
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs was a s good as it gets.

Wilson Pickett, The Rascals, Mitch Ryder, and Three Dog Night
The Temptations, Supremes, Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night

Dionne Warwick, Percy Sledge, Neil Sedaka I loved too,
Then The Beatles came and taught us all to Love Me Do.

Ray Charles was the Man, Chubby Checker a golden boy
Sam Cooke was the equal of Mr. Orbison, the one called Roy.

The Four Seasons and Frankie V. taught me Big Girls Don’t Cry
And Mary Wells sang the praises of her and My Guy.

Sly and the Family Stone brought funk into my world
But Aretha Franklin taught all men Respect for all girls

Musical tastes changed thanks to The Carpenters and Joe Cocker
One was a pair of vanilla crooners, the other a spastic rocker.

The Doobie Brothers and Jim Croce, Chicago and Bread
The Commodores and Fleetwood Mac sang the songs that filled my head.

There was Foreigner, Billy Joel, Bob Segar and the Stones,
Grand Funk Railroad, ZZ Top and big Tom Jones.

Tavares, Wild Cherry and Donna Summer’s Last Dance
Put the boogie on the disco floor for all who took the chance.

Speaking of disco, the Bee Gees and a band called Chic
Taught us all Jive Talkin’ and how to be Le Freak.

Creedance brought their swamp music out into the light
And Rod Stewart reminded that Tonight’s the Night.

And then along came Bon Jovi, J. Geils and B-52’s
Phil Collins, The Go Go’s and those Brothers of Blues.

Frankie went to Hollywood, Jethro Tull made us bungle
But it was Guns N Roses that welcomed me to the jungle.

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and even a Jackson named Freddie
But I relied on The Whispers to help me learn to Rock Steady.

Plus Journey, Robert Palmer, Billy Ocean and Queen
The Police, and Prince and of course Bruce Springsteen.

Van Halen, Steve Winwood, Romantics and Glen Frey
The Talking Heads and Huey Lewis and Madonna’s Holiday.

Then came the Ace of Base, Bryan Adams and INXS
Whitney Houston, Chris de Burgh sang of the Lady’s Red dress.

Heavy D, a guy called Hootie, The Cure and Counting Crows,
And the re-emergence of the Clapton that everyone knows.

Dave Matthews, Jon Secada, Bonnie Raitt and the incredible Seal
Violent Femmes, the Rembrants and Modern English were all real.

Annie Lennox has a golden voice, The Pretenders are great writers
And I loved the sounds of R.E.M., UB40 and the Foo Fighters.

Which brings us to Matchbox Twenty and of course 3 Doors Down,
Plus I buy a ticket when Christina Aguilera comes to town.

Macy Gray is unique, Creed sings from an open heart
And Britney is a lovely girl who has suffered for her Art.

Music is the common thread, it makes us jump and shout
But the Baja Men wanna know Who Let the Dogs Out!

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