I Take It Back

This was written as a result of Robert Lee Brewer's poetry prompt.

My oldest daughter and I are not quite at this point, not yet, so this is not about her directly, but still.......


I take it back, I did not mean what I said,
let me swallow my words with some crow.
I was angry and only seeing boiling red
my Irish temper pops my cork and I blow.

Give me back those last unthinking words,
let me call a do-over on moments past.
I'd pay in lifespan divided by thirds
if you had forgotten my statement, if asked.

I trust in you enough, to know you by now,
If you choose him, he must somehow be a good man.
I'll protect you to death, but I know I must allow
a father's daughter does not love along his plan.

Love has reasons that Reason know nothing about
and your heart and your mind should work as one.
I let my fear for you make me rant, rave and shout,
And I barked at you like I would bark at my son.

I only hope as a dad I showed you a man who cares,
showed you how he treats the ones he adores.
I hope the guy you look at, my values he shares,
and the only heart he ever wants, is yours.

But you must live your life, I take back my protest,
all I want is that you know love's joy and not pain.
But I've been dad all your life, joyfully blessed,
and reserve the right to maybe rant and rave again.

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