Another Cycle of the Moon

Prompted by DVerse Poet Pub suggestion for a poem based on the calendar.


Another month, rent is due,
bills on the first,
auto loan on the fifteenth,
four Sunday dinners
and interest accrues.
The ritual of mikvah;
the Orthodox bath of family.
Welfare checks come due,
get your nails done, girl,
social security pays out on the third,
pensions and fiscal reports
are generated yet again.

One cycle of the moon,
from waxing to waning
back to waxing,
full and whole, round and bright
a crescent blade poised
to bleed the sky.
Ebb and flow of tides
ebb and flow of Woman
push and pull of those below,
they are not called lunatics for nothing.
The moon
pulls at us
then releases us once more,
toying with us
its cratered eyes
watching us dance to its rhythms.

Ancient marrieds drank honey wine
for a cycle of the moon
after their union night,
hence the honeymoon.
A white hare who lives there
guides the Chinese to celebrate.
American Indians sang of Tortoise
who holds the waters in check.
Authors have written of the moons majesties -
Hale, Maugham, Roth, and London
inspired by its cold blue reflected light

And the calendar -

Ticking off our lives,
one by one,
month by month,
named for gods,
clocking our spans,
turning the Great Wheel

one step closer.

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